Do you need somebody to take care of your accounting? Watch due terms and tax obligations while you have cear mind?  ...  This is exactly what we do. We can handle all bookkeeping and accounting tasks from payroll to preparation of your financial statements.



Why choose us?


We accept responsibility for flawless results of our work. We have checking mechanisms set up, continually training, so we are ready for changes in taxes. We are legally bound to be insured aggainst professional liability incurred as a result of errors to cover possible damages. We work in a way you can lean on us and focus on what matters to you.


We understand that nobody wants to wait for a long time to get a reply. We naturally use modern technologies for our work. Can electronically receive data and allow remote access to your accounts. Electronic communication with authorities is necessity today.

Technology & savings

We can no longer imagine our work without modern technology. Sometimes it's time to stop, think and rethink the way things are done. We simplify the processing of documents so that they are not unnecessarily laborious. As a result both parties save time and money.