Prices for tax returns

Tax returnCZKEUR
Annual Personal Income Tax Return (incl. attachements) - "low cost version, without support"2 00080
Annual Personal income tax return (incl. attachements) - "full service"
(the service includes the delivery of declarations and statements to the authorities,
act on behalf of a power of attorney)

3 000

Annual Corporation Income Tax Return (incl. attachements)3 000120
Road tax1 00040
- if there are more cars, third and every other car+ 30012
Postponing tax obligation for individuals3 000120
Postponing tax obligation for corporations5 000200

Price calculation of accounting


For VAT payers and companies with larger ammount of documents, the price is negotiated with a monthly fee. The usual prices are listed in the following tables.


Monthly flat fees for VAT payers

Monthly fees for accountingCZKEUR
Monthly fees for accounting services for VAT payers start from 2 00080

Payroll administration per employee (monthly)



Preparing VAT return and reasonable ammount of consutations are are free for regular clients.


Other activities price list

Service      CZKEUR
For one record in accounting journal (small businesses, individuals, once a year cooperations) 15 - 250,6 - 1
Representation at Authorities, inspections, consultancy and expert's interventions850 CZK / hour30
Correcting or additional VAT returns  1 25040
Payment orders, batch generation1 200 / month48 / month
Bookkeeping with tracking of orders or cost centers+ 30% to normal price+ 30% to normal price

Annual accounting closure (by turnover)      CZKEUR
up to 2 mil.    00
2 - 5 mil.     3 000120
5 - 10 mil.     5 000200
10 mil. and more   10 000400


Contact us, we will be happy to discuss your needs and price conditions. Contact address - Prague 3; Seifertova 18. The opening meeting and consultation is free of charge.